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Love Lane 

Be bold this season with Love Lane

Made with Mercerized Cotton 


Casual night out? Pair up your favorite jeans with DayDreams

Made with light-weight Cashmere

Red Bandana 

This sock design is inspired by the bandana's ability to elevate any modern look

Made with Mercerized Cotton

Fall has crept up on us once again as forcing us to put our days of summer bliss behind us and refocus on the tasks ahead. With new seasons come new trends, and this fall is no exception to that rule. Keeping up with the rapidly changing world of fashion can be a pain, but CheckerBox stays on top of it for you. Whether you are headed to an important meeting or going out with friends, here are some tips to keep your look sophisticated and current.


Red has been declared the color of Fall 2017. This power hue was seen all over the runways of the most influential designers. Incorporating red into your wardrobe without compromising the cleanliness of your look can be tricky, but a great way to do so is through your accessories. Include an on-trend pop of red by wearing a great pair of socks like ones below from the new CheckerBox line (Insert name of line or whatever).

Prints & Patterns

Nostalgic patterns and prints are also in style this season. The 70s are back with checks, plaids and florals being the most popular. A checkered tie or floral pocket square is a simple way to enhance your outfit and show that you are paying attention to trends. Pull off prints and patterns effortlessly with these product selections from CheckerBox.

October 11, 2017 by Zoe Brown

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