CheckerBox is a brand derived from classic styles and infused with a modern edge. Our passion is to inspire and connect through designs that are dynamic, fashionable and fun, while providing an impressive personal experience. CheckerBox embraces individuality and self-expression. It’s about being able to be who you are no matter the situation. CheckerBox provides a gateway to inner desires and ambitions that become clear through the art of the reveal.



Everyone has a story to tell. Our socks are the messengers. While true personalities are often cloaked in the disguise of a coat and tie, CheckerBox provides an outlet to reveal ourselves. It is through the art of the reveal that one can give a glimpse into their goals, ambitions, successes, trials and tribulations. Our signature is our style. Our stories will be revealed.



CheckerBox was born out of the desire to give an outlet of expression within the confines of everyday society. Founded by Designer Randy Gervais at the age of 17, CheckerBox creates socks that are high end, fashionable and infused with a focus on personal experience.

Our apparel is designed to give consumers an avenue of self-expression, while remaining in the lane of situational acceptability. Crafted in Italy from the highest quality materials, CheckerBox socks provide comfort, functionality and a hint of charisma. Each pair tells a story and provides a window to our inner selves.

Our socks bring energy and personality to the broad spectrum of menswear. Appropriate for business and pleasure, CheckerBox socks make a statement by revealing our passions and ambitions.

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell a story with words. We cannot always articulate the message we are trying to convey. CheckerBox is an avenue of expression in which no words are needed. Let us tell our stories through the Art of the Reveal.