Old Quality

The CheckerBox Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection of socks and ties are all produced in Italy. We sought out world-class mills known for top quality production. Our 100% Italian Silk Six-Fold Ties are produced in Como, Italy—dubbed the silk capital of the world. Our socks are produced in a province of Brescia, Italy. This means our products are made only 70 miles from each other using Italian-sourced materials and craftsmen.


The Italian mill that produces CheckerBox socks was founded in 1934, which makes them experts in sock composition and construction. We worked closely with them to develop our custom elastane, yarn composition, sock thickness and sizing. The result is a breathable sock that stays up all day and, above all, looks beautiful. CheckerBox socks are produced with Egyptian Giza cotton (heralded as the highest quality cotton available). The yarn then undergoes either mercerizing or combing treatment.


Mercerized Cotton

Mercerizing is an additional treatment that cotton undergoes to enhance the smoothness and lustrous quality of the Giza cotton. This treatment yields a product that exudes class and heightens the look of even the finest combination of suits and shoes. Most of our Autumn/Winter 2016 collection features this cotton treatment.


Combed Cotton

“Combing” is a treatment that cotton undergoes that removes the less desirable strands of cotton leaving only the longest and softest fibers. The result is a product that is perfectly soft and comfortable. This cotton treatment is best suited for a more business casual or daily look. Our “Saint” and “Louisiana State” sock designs feature this material.


Custom-Designed Elastane

Through rounds of sampling, our mill was able to produce an elastane that yields a sock that stays up all day without over-constricting the leg. In addition, the elastane is very durable, resulting in a product that does not get stretched out over time and prevents toe holes. Furthermore, we selectively use black or white versions of this elastane to further enhance the look of designs.



CheckerBox socks feature reinforced heel and toes for a long lifespan without feeling too thick for dress shoes. The toe seam is hand-linked for a seam that you never feel. The designs are all stitched (Never printed), and the product is finished with an embroidered CheckerBox logo to ensure the world knows your personal commitment to comfort and quality.


Hand-Linked Toe Seam

A hand-linked toe seam does not mean the seam is threaded by hand. It does, however, mean that an expert artisan takes the unfinished sock from the machine and closes the seam using a sewing machine. Although this makes the finishing process slower, it does mean that no excess fabric hangs over the seam. The result is a flat seam that is never bothersome or improperly shaped. Furthermore, a hand-linked seam can stretch in all directions—meaning the sock is much more durable that a standard machine-linked seam.


Design and Embroidery

Many companies now feature unique or intricate designs. The problem is that the designs are simply printed on blank socks using ink. These socks often fade upon the first wash, or they have spaces once you actually put the sock on your foot. We believe this treatment devalues an outfit. At CheckerBox, we carefully create our designs to make sure they can be stitched. Our designs are part of the sock. The designs will never fade, allowing your express yourself every day. The final step of our sock production is our embroidered logo. It is a stamp, if you will, of the quality of composition and design that went into the product that ties your outfit together.




The magic of the enhanced class and look of our six-fold tie is that it is created from one piece of 100% Italian Silk fabric folded, by hand, to finish. Unlike the common 3-fold tie, a six-fold tie utilizes more fabric, which increases weight. This lends to a better drape and unmatched knotting.



Tipping is the fabric on the back of the tie that helps finish the folds of the initial fabric. Our ties are tipped with the same high-quality silk used for the rest of the tie, but we utilize a contrasting color. We think this reveals a subtle pop of color when your tie catches the wind.



The loop (or keeper) is of the same 100% silk used for our tipping fabric. Unlike some cheaply attached loops, our loops are held to the same standard as every other aspect of the tie. The loop may be the most important part of maintaining a clean, put together look throughout the day, so why skimp on quality for the most important element of completing the look of a tie?



Our ties feature a slip stitch and bar tack that is completed by hand. This ensures the tie holds together long enough for it to be an heirloom. You can feel and see the slip stitch working as you put on and remove your tie daily. The tie breathes: it stretches just enough to create a clean knot, and then regains its shape once you remove the tie. We believe the contrasting color of the saddle-stitching performs a similar function of our socks. The pop of red color helps draw the eye of onlookers to the quality of the tie. It reveals a subtle hint of self-expression in the workplace (since it is rarely seen).